Octomore 13.3 Single Malt Scotch Whisky


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The Octomore series is an annual release from Bruichladdich distillery of super heavily peated whiskies. The series redefined what peated whisky could be; reaching unheard of levels of PPM (from grain readings), yet still producing fruity, balanced, delicious spirit. It takes its name from John Brown's Octomore farm, where the barley for each of the .3 releases is grown.


As with all Octomore .3s, the Octomore 13.3 is a super heavily peated 5-year-old made from 100% Islay grown Concerto barley, sourced from John Brown's Octomore farm. This release has been matured in a foundational parcel of first fill ex-American whiskey barrels and a supplementary selection of second fill European oak casks, hailing from the Rivesaltes region of France and the Ribera del Duero region of Spain.

Distilled in 2016 from a 2015 harvest of 100% Islay grown Concerto barley. Bottled at 61.1% with a PPM of 129.3. The European oak gives more subtle structure to the spirit, while the American oak allows the spirit to take centre stage. Expect vanilla and brown sugar, counterbalanced with fresh and round green fruit notes.


Official Tasting Notes:

Nose: Aromas of malt sugar and gentle peat smoke lead you into the dram. Layers of fresh green fruit come next followed by rose, geranium, apricot, and eucalyputs. Marzipan, ginger nut biscuits, and honeyed melon can also come through, with the malty fruity character coming to the fore with a little time. Adding a drop of water will bring out the peat smoke beautifully.

Palate: Soft and delicate on the palate, sweet honey and brown sugar give way to a whisper of peat smoke. The second sip brings lemon rind and seashells, a delicate marine hint along with malty biscuit notes and marzipan and coconut. The peat smoke has hints of boot polish and ash, but is gentle enough to allow the subtle, floral, malty notes to shine.

Finish: The marine character develops and the smoke increases on the palate, honey and lemon with warm sand and marzipan. Final fruity traces of peach and stewed pears bring a little sweetness to the finish.




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