Every day's a Good Day for Rose

Every day's a Good Day for Rose

6th Feb 2019
- Joe Perry -

Like any other avid wine drinker, here at the Oak Barrel we simply cannot get enough Rose over the warmer months, and every week we're seeing some incredible expressions coming from all across the world, including our own backyard. 

This week we've assembled 4 of our absolute favourites, from the lighter aromatic styles of southern France to the robust, food friendly Chateau Musar, and a stunning drop from Richie Harkham in the Hunter Valley. There's a rose to suit any occasion. 

60% Grenache,35% Syrah,5% Mourvèdre. The L'Ecume’s aroma and palate remind of a basket of wild berries, cherries and white lychees. From this background, a lemon note cheerfully protrudes, while a few rose petals stagger through the scene. A note of spice on the palate makes this little wine appear quite large.

Chateau Musar Rosé is a still and softly-oaked tribute to the ‘blended’ rosés of Champagne, a style much enjoyed by Serge Hochar. It is not made every year as specific grape qualities are required to ensure the varieties combine in elegant form. In their youth the wines are salmon pink in colour, smooth, well-balanced and velvety-textured, with aromas and flavours of peaches, pears, oranges, grapefruit, almonds, wild herbs and citrus leaves. They develop mellow, spicy notes and tawny hues as they age.

Our natural Rose was fermented by indigenous yeasts, without the use of any additions or preservatives. It has been bottled without fining agents or unnecessary stabilisations to convey the full flavours of the Hunter Valley and may show traces of natural sediment. The wine was produced without any sulphite additions and contains a natural high level of CO2. This may be perceptible as a slight spritz and dryness while young and will keep it fresh for a longer life.

This rosé displays a wonderfully full fruited and fleshy appeal, showing more density and textural layering than many other Provence counterparts. The low intervention winemaking throws elements of funk and texture, adding to the profile of peach, melon and wild strawberries. An energetic wine, as Yves and I concurred.