Dauvergne and Ranvier, Rhone Valley - The Oak Barrel Imports

Dauvergne and Ranvier, Rhone Valley - The Oak Barrel Imports

6th Jul 2021
- Joe Perry -

Jean-François Ranvier and François Dauvergne set out with a goal to build a brand focusing on the great regions in the Rhone Valley and the grape growers in these areas. In 2004, with no chateau, vines, and little funding they set out to approach the top growers with their passion and enthusiastic idea. 

Building off the already well established relationships they had in the region, Jean-François and François began collaborating with the growers. Trusted with the best parcels of the vineyards in the Northern and Southern Rhone, the pair would work together on all aspects of vineyard management, proper harvesting techniques, and wine production in the cellars. 

Today Dauvergne and Ranvier work closely with their growers, committing to purchasing 100% of the grapes ensuring the growers always sell their crop, in return for high quality fruit each year. 

The wines from Dauvergne and Ranvier express the unique terroir of the sub-regions of the Rhone Valley while providing incredible value for the consumer, these are simply some of the best bang-for-buck Crozes-Hermitage, Gigondas, Saint Joseph, and Cote-Rotie you'll find!

“The Rhone Valley is our cradle, but, just as a cook imagines new recipes, we create new wines each year on new appellations. We chose not to buy vines but to associate with winemakers. They own the vineyard and we have our know-how, our “knack”. This know-how has been acquired during more than thirty years working in multiple wine regions and with many winegrowers.

And, just as a great chef selects his fruits and vegetables from the growers, we choose the grapes that will make up our blends. We accompany and advise growers throughout the year. At harvest time, we help them determine the right harvest date . Then we guide as much as possible the vinification in each of the cellars. If barrels are needed to age the wines, we select and buy them and give them to the winegrowers.

This way of working is as unique as the wines it produces.” - Dauvergne and Ranvier

Dauvergne and Ranvier Saint Joseph 2019
$69.95 each or $62.96 in any 6

100% Syrah. The colour is dark red, almost violet. The nose i dominated by black berries (blackcurrant and blackberries) and shows a hint of violet flavours, with roasted notes. The palate is charming with its creamy and full-bodied aromas, and the finish is characterised by its nice fullness.

Dauvergne and Ranvier Crozes-Hermitage 2019
$59.95 each or $53.96 in any 6

100% Syrah. The colour is an almost purple deep red. The nose is dominated by black fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry), with a hint of red acidulated fruits (redcurrant) and violet. The palate is soft in the attack and followed by a powerful mid palate. The tannins are ripe and give a good structure which promises longevity to this young Crozes Hermitage.

Dauvergne and Ranvier Gigondas 2016
$74.95 each or $67.45 in any 6

Grenache dominant with Syrah and Mourvedre. The nose makes you think of the hills in Gigondas: pin, rosemary, thyme, dry grass between limestone pebbles… Then comes a round of liquorice, myrtle and blackcurrant with notes of cacao and smoke. The palate opens discretely, then becomes more and more powerful and finishes with a great length.

Dauvergne and Ranvier Cote-Rotie 2018
$150 each 

100% Syrah. Aged for 15 months in oak. Cask sample.

'Tasted blind. Sleek, succulent style with bright acidity and a lovely toasty note on the finish. Chewy texture provides enough substance for ageing, and the fruit is similarly layered on the mid palate.' (RH)Jancis Robinson 17+

Dauvergne and Ranvier Cotes du Rhone 2019
$31.95 each or $28.76 in any 6

Red fruits unfold on the nose, accompanied by slightly spicy nuances of tobacco, green pepper and milk chocolate.

The palate is round and fresh with a fruity character. More fruit adn tannin leads to a fine, bitter charm in the bottle. All grapes are harvested when they are fully ripened and the yield is deliberately reduced.