Craft Works Whisky Launch With Crafty

Craft Works Whisky Launch With Crafty

26th Oct 2018
- Scott Fitzsimons -

The Oak Barrel is very proud to work with emerging distillers and producers around the country and we’re excited to help launch the whiskies of a new distillery and bottler not only close in location, but a long-time friend of ours.

Craig ‘Crafty’ Field is one of the most passionate distillers in the Australian whisky industry. Originally a lover of the spirit, the bug was too big, too engrained in the psyche for Crafty to sit on the sidelines of whisky.

In December 2015 Crafty – under the working name of Craft Works – laid down his first ever cask of whisky. He sourced a barrel and then new make spirit from a local distillery, essentially entering himself into the independent bottling market. Crafty continued to lay down casks in the proceeding years, but the goal was always to start his own distillery.

With one eye on a plot of land out the back of the historic Capertee Hotel in Capertee, west of Lithgow, sheer persistence and a healthy dose of unwavering dedication saw the dream become a reality earlier this year. In February 2018 the Craft Works Whisky Distillery distilled its first new make spirit.

To celebrate not only the foundation of a new distillery, but the love of whisky itself, we’ll welcome Crafty into the Oak Barrel tasting room this Wednesday 5 December. If you’ve sat next to him at a tasting, spoken to him at a Fair or joined us at August’s Distillers Dinner you’ll know we’re in for a treat.

We’ll sample some progress reports from the distillery but also a range of whiskies from the independent bottling arm of Craft Works.

The night will also see the unveiling of the Tasting Kits, which will be an exceptional way to sample across the Craft Works wares.

Crafty turns the power on.

What We’ll Taste:

From the distillery:
Craft Works New Make Spirit
Craft Works 6-Month Old Progress Report

From the independent bottling arm:
‘Just Derek’ Sherry Cask
‘Laga Cat’ ex-Lagavulin Muscat Cask
‘Blak Soul Beast’ Vintage Port Cask
Aisling Pinot Noir Cask Progress Report

WHAT: Craft Works Whisky Launch with Craig ‘Crafty’ Field
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney
WHEN: Wednesday 5 December, doors open 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start
PRICE: Members $40 / Guest $50