Amber Lane Noble Lane II Australian Single Malt Whisky

Amber Lane

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The aroma of a Parisian patisserie, with creme brûlée, vanilla ice cream, buttered scones and millefeuille. Flavours of crystallised ginger, Chocolate Cornetto, hazelnut, Juicyfruit gum, vanilla pods and honeycomb. Exquisite light tartness, with a long barley sugar finish.

The original release of Noble Lane won a gold medal at the World Whiskies Awards 2023. This expression is a worthy successor, showcasing the skilled combination of cask elements derived from the Bourbon and Dessert wine (Botrytis Semillon) traditions.

We first tried this batch at Whisky Fair in 2023, and quickly labelled it as one of the most exciting drams on pour (albeit under the table).  The lightness and decadence of botrytis casks has a magical interaction with Amber Lane's spirit, which we hope to see more of in the future.

Official Tasting Notes:

Nose: Like walking into a patisserie in Paris. Delicious barley sugar and honey sweetness. Creme brûlée, vanilla ice cream, buttered scones, millefeuille.

Taste: A complex melange of crystallised ginger, chocolate Cornetto, hazelnut, Juicyfruit gum, vanilla pods, honeycomb, with an exquisite light tartness that adds complexity and balance to this expression.

Finish: Long, pleasing and perfectly balanced.


Amber Lane is a whisky distillery based in the Yarramalong Valley on NSW's Central Coast. It was founded in 2017 by two amateur astronomers and friends, Rod Berry and Phil Townsend. The duo have since committed themselves to crafting excellent spirit and spared no expense in sourcing top quality, large format ex-bourbon barrels (primarily sourced from Heaven's Hill) and bodega ex-Pedro Ximenez casks. They took their time with maturation, waiting until the whisky was ready for bottling, rather than rushing to market after the minimum 2 years. 

Amber Lane's Ethics:

- Consistent high-quality mash bill that creates pleasing new make with an emphasis on the original barley together with a creamy sweetness;

- Double-distillation using a pot still designed to maximise copper-contact, thus producing more complex flavour chains;

- The very best seasoned barrels, sourced from premium producers of Spanish Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso Sherry and Kentucky Bourbon;

- Maximised ageing  to produce more complex flavour profiles, using larger barrels than many other Australian whisky producers (mainly 200-250L casks)

- Skilled blending of individual barrels to produce consistently delicious whisky; 

- Non-chill-filtration in all expressions to preserve as many of the flavour-producing esters and congeners as possible; and

- A conscious preference for releasing our whisky at higher alcohol strength. 


Single Malt
Amber Lane