Takesuzume Yamada Kimoto Junmai


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A very cool showcase of high-aid sake, as well as Gifu's prefectural style (which recently gained GI status). Wild frermented on Yamadanishiki rice polished to 70%, the sake showcases green apple, cacao, caramel and savoury spice, with a characterfu umami that really comes to the fore when heated.  Part of Sakelier's new range of products for October 2023

About the brewery (from the distributor): Otsuka Sake Brewery began brewing in 1884, but its current style came about in 2010 when the 7th generation owner Seiichi Otsuka returned to the breweru. Until this point, they had only produced sak for the local customers wth just two tanks. Otsuka was so impressed with Gensaka's Hachibei Yamahai sake from Mie that he took on years of apprenticeship there. Upon his return, he was determined to use his expertise to create a new brand: Takesuzume. 

The name Takesuzume originates from Otsuka's passion fro Kendo. He would wear his family emblem (bamboo and sparrow) during competitions, with the bamboo representing strength yet flexibility of his sake, and the sparrow symbolising prosperity and the desire to create a sake that brings people together.