Mezcalosfera de Mezcaloteca Aguardiente de Agave Mexicano


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Mezcalosfera is a premium, artisanal, mezcal brand born of Mezcaloteca, Oaxaca; the dream and brainchild of Silvia Philion. Mezcaloteca (translating roughly to "Mezcal library") forms a unique and cherished part of Mexico's Mezcal community - it is a place that preserves, teaches and shares Mezcal culture. At Mezcaloteca, Silvia shares with visitors, the differences between traditional Mezcal and industrial Mezcal—shedding light on the Agave plant , the regions in which it grows, and the distillation process that turns it all into the Mezcal we all know and love.

Most importantly, however, Silvia and her team give back to the Mezcal community by providing a distillery (or palenque, as they’re referred to in Oaxaca) for the Maestros Mezcaleros who are unable to access one of their own. All that's required is for them to bring their own Agaves and, in exchange, she asks them for the opportunity to buy a percentage of the resulting batch.

Silvia and her team travel across Mexico in search of Mezcales. They meet with Maestros Mezcaleros producing small batches (usually less than 300 liters) that are unique and irreplicable in aroma and flavour. Each batch of Mezcalosfera is bottled and exported to one country only, never to be repeated or re-distributed.

This release is 100% Mexicano agave and was produced by master distiller, Juan Garcia.

Master Distiller: Juan Garcia
Agave: A. Rhodacantha
Elevation of agave: 1,550M & 1,600M above sea level
Oven type: Earthen
Wood used: Mesquite
Milling: Tahona
Fermentation tank: Wooden
Fermentation method: Wild yeast fermentation
Water source: Well water
Distillation: Copper still with cooler
Number of distillations: 1
Distillation date: March 2020
Litres of production: 400L
Batch: 01MEXAUS-22




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