Chateau Croix d'Allons Bandol Rouge 2018

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It was in 1924 that the grandparents of Philippe Damiano, Pierre and Maria, acquired the various fields from the estate of the Celtic fathers to Don Bosco. The ruins of their first basement are still on the property. New vines were planted by Pierre, who made wine directly on the family farm. In the original building there are still the old fermentation and decantation tanks as well as the dishes. Philippe is part of the fourth generation that cultivates these fields. They were first used for gardening and have gradually been transformed into vineyards.

Grape composition in the red full Bandol is Mourvèdre 90% Grenache 10% and on their amazing Rosé 2019 Mourvèdre 60% Cinsault 20% Grenache 20%

The spearhead of the appellation, Rouge de Bandol, expresses its true nature: on a mineral background. It blooms with amazing accents of Havana tobacco, leather, undergrowth and even more complex tones with the finesse of each vintage.

Licorice, black fruits, violet, empyreumatic notes ... So with age: red fruits, jams, morello cherries, spices, undergrowth, leather, truffle ... Stored in wood for an optimal period of 18 months, the structure and tannin of Mourvèdre will reveal a complex, abundant and elegant architecture.

A wine that holds par excellence, and it is also valued young in its splendor and generosity: this is the paradox of the Bandol Rouge. At every step of its development, it delivers some of its enormous potential. A Bandol of 10, 20 or 25 years gives all enchantments to those who know how to wait.

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