Brix Urban Cane 2021 Harvest


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A limited release vintage white cane spirit from Sydney rum distillery Brix. 

This argicole-style (distilled from sugar cane juice, rather than molasses) white-rum style (in Australia rum legally needs to be aged for two years in oak to acquire the title) spirit, is a unique excercise of creating a regional spirit in urban surrounds.

Because sugar cane juice spoils quickly, distilleries around the world (and Australia) that distil the style are usually located close to the cane fields - which is not a luxury Brix, located in inner-Sydney suburb Surry Hills, have.

Instead they worked with their cane famer in Woongoolba, Southern Queensland to create a fix. The cane was harvested on an October afternoon, later in the working day, and transported by refrigerated truck overnight to Sydney. It was in the Surry Hills cane juicer the following morning, less that 24 hours after the canes were harvested.

Fermentation used wild indigenous yeasts, only, and excess husk matter was thrown into the ferment to create extra character and structure - not unlike when winemakers rest their wine on lees during production.

The 2021 vintage faced extra hurdles, due to covid lockdowns and interstate travel restrictions. In the end, however, they were able to transport 2 tonnes of cane for the batch; less than half the previous year's quantity.

Just 163 bottles in the release at 43.1%.

Cane Harvest Date: 26 October, 2021
Cane Crush Date: 28 October, 2021
Fermentation ABV: 7.8%
First Distillation ABV: 70.5%
Second Distillation ABV: 87.4%


Official Tasting Notes:

"2021 Harvest opens with floral saffron & honey aromas followed by stonefruit & apple notes. The tropical palate of mango & coconut yoghurt shine through with a lingering finish of fennel & freshly cut grass."




White Rum
New South Wales