Adroit Theory 'Official Compendium of Flavour Fantasy' Mixed Pack 4x440ml

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The Official Compendium of Flavor Fantasy 2nd Edition (Variety Box Set)⁠ ⁠ The 2nd Edition is a brand new mixed box like the original, but inspired by the 2nd iteration in the game called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (and its various editions) released between 1978 and 1982 ⁠ ⁠

Necrosimian - New Zealand Style Pilsner

Part 1 in The Official Compendium of Flavor Fantasy 2nd Edition. As we have mentioned before, the Adroit Theory LAGER GAME is firing on all cylinders! This brand new release is no different with a brilliantly bright + lite body with a white creamy head. Aromas of Sauvignon Blanc grapes + lime waft from the glass. Bitterness is firm, but light enough to let the crisp malt body shine.

Pyraeon - Hazy Triple IPA

Part 2 in The Official Compendium of Flavor Fantasy 2nd Edition. If you know anything about Adroit Theory then know this; we KNOW how to make Triple IPAs that are aromatic, juicy, and deceptively easy drinking. This one is no exception. Notes of gooseberry, spice, and a hint of dank. You won't notice the 10% until it is too late... 

Abyssal Depthdread - Russian Imperial Stout

Part 3 in The Official Compendium of Flavor Fantasy 2nd Edition. Another thing you should probably know about Adroit Theory is that we REALLY know how to make big stouts that, well, don't taste like BIG stouts. Black, roasty + cacao forward with a full body that borders on chewy. This sipper turns out to be shockingly easy drinking with a beautiful balance between sweetness + bitterness.

Voidbringer [Cubano Roast Coffee + Maple Syrup] Russian Imperial Stout⁠ ⁠

Part 4 in The Official Compendium of Flavor Fantasy 2nd Edition. So the question is HOW do you improve on our already great stouts? Easy, condition them on freshly roasted cubano coffee, and add a dash of maple syrup! Like an intense Italian Espresso with a grounding sweetness that is just enough to invite the next sip.⁠

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