Wild Creatures Tears of St. Laurent

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Spontaneously fermented beer aged in wooden barrels. No lab-derived yeast was added, just 100% local microflora. After a year the beer is refermented with grapes (St.Laurent, red grapes) from the breweries own vineyard.

About the Brewery: Wild Creatures means beer, our passion. But we have always been big wine lovers too. Not only because of our home region (known for wine production). It was the wine what taught us to see the beer production from different point of view. Both of us have our own experience with wine production. One worked in micro family winery in her free time, the second made a career in big, modern, well equipped winery. Traditional (but old fashioned) ways of spontaneous fermentation without any scientific method VS fermentation driven by pc and data analyzed by laboratory. We put together all these information before we started with first wild beer trials. Yes, it was big advantage. But still, it took five years to finish proper representative product.

Our beer is authentic. It reflects the beauty of our wine region. We work with wildly living microflora. With local microorganisms which are at our place at the time of brewing. No lab-derived yeast. We usually help with word “terroir” from winemaking world when discussing our beers. It describes the core of our effort perfectly.

Spontaneous fermentation is nothing new. Quite the reverse, it is very old way of fermentation, it just had been forgotten. It was eliminated by pure lab-derived yeasts.

Till today we are very loyal to the wine production. It is just a hobby now but nothing is so relaxing like manual work in the vineyard. Vintner’s practices remain as inspiring as Belgian Lambic.


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Czech Republic
Wild Creatures