Want to learn more about whisky? The Oak Barrel has you covered in our series of whisky appreciation classes. The monthly sessions are designed to take you down through the rabbit hole into the world of whisky… or help push an existing obsession along the path.

Excited is one word you could use to describe our feelings in announcing the start of our 2021 Whisky Tasting Season. Delighted, overjoyed, joyous and merry are other ones.

The Season will feature the return of our classic ‘Whisky Appreciation’ nights, while also rolling out a series of themed events. One major change for 2021 is that we’ll be capping the events at 20 people, to create relaxed, comfortable and intimate environments to share great drams in.

Tastings will be hosted by a number of expert guests from around Australia and The Oak Barrel's in-house whisky educator, Scott Fitzsimons.

With borders still looking like tough things to cross, we will still be welcoming international guests throughout the year - albeit in a virtual capacity as we did for most of 2020.

Details for each tasting, be they in person, virtual or both, will be explained in their individual descriptions.




Please note, # refers to announcement date - may not be in chronological order

#1 "We're Back!" Whisky Tasting: International Edition (Thursday 14 January)

#2 "We're Back!" Whisky Tasting: Aussie Edition (Tuesday 19 January) 

#3 Whisky Appreciation Tasting Night: The Essentials (Wednesday 20 January) 

#4 A Night With Colonel EH Taylor's Bottled In Bond Bourbons (Friday 22 January)

#5 Discover That Boutique-y Whisky Company Virtual Tasting (Tue 16 Feb)

#6 'Going Back To Springbank' Tasting (Thursday 4 February)
Going Back To Springbank' Night 2! (Friday 5 February)

#7 Barrell Bourbon In-Store & Virtual Tasting (Tuesday 9 Feb)

 #8 Boutique-y Whisky Tasting: Ardbeg, Aultmore & More (Thu 25 Feb)


Monday 23 August - Saturday 28 August: The 2021 Sydney Whisky Fair & Forum (Coming soon!)