With a growing local industry and an increased interest in the best from around the world, The Oak Barrel will be holding Rum Appreciation classes throughout 2019.

It’s one of the world’s most consumed and best known spirits, but understanding about rum and what makes a quality rum can be quite murky.

What exactly is molasses? What is an Agricole rum? Why are there no unaged white rums in Australia? What does an age statement on a rum actually mean? Is Bundy the best we can do?

Putting together a range of specially selected local and international rums, The Oak Barrel’s Rum Appreciation night will go through a range of different styles and methods – explaining the differences along the way.

We’ll be celebrating rum in the best sense – coming from the land and representing that in your bottle.

We’ll also touch on the current scene, from the British navy to the Australian cocktail drinker – how did rum get here?

The tasting will be guided by The Oak Barrel’s spirit expert, and as such we’ll be able to pull from all over the spectrum – no locked-in brand alignment here.

Tickets are strictly limited for each date as we want to keep these Appreciation nights quite intimate.