Sullivans Cove Double Cask Brandy DCB03

Sullivans Cove

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A brandy distilled from Tasmanian grapes at the famed Sullivans Cove distillery.

Famous for their whisky, Sullivans Cove are also one of the leaders of the emerging modern premium brandy scene in Australia. Their current releases (circa 2021) date back to a period over ten ago, when they collaborated with winemakers in the Huon Valley to distil grapes.

The double cask release 3 is a mixture of nine-to-12 year old brandies, matured in a variety of European and American oak casks. Grapes distilled include pinot noir, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and gewürztraminer 

There are 1,345 in the release. The youngest spirit was filled into the cask 23 October 2009 and the brandy was decanted 17 August 2017.

Barrels used to create this expression were TDB0010, TDB0034, TDB0019, TDB0046, TDB0023, TDB0001 and TDB0037FS.

Bottled at 47.7%

Oak Barrel tasting notes:

Sullivans Cove Production Manager Kirsten Laurie says of the release, “A rich and sumptuous number with a beautiful balance of vibrant fruitiness and lingering spice."

Tasting Notes

Nose: Crème Anglaise, caramelised banana, stewed apricot tart, vanilla musk, pot pourri and freshly polished timber.

Palate: Dark chocolate truffles, banana leaf, Demerara fruit cake, fresh cherries, candied orange, apricot jam, treacle scones and salted butter.

Finish: Spicy and lingering, ginger nut biscuits, crunchy pear, fresh linen, dried apples and juicy grapes.

Established in 1994Sullivan’s Cove is one of the oldest ‘modern’ whisky distilleries in Tasmania, and Australia. Under the direction of Patrick Maguire since 1999, It has become arguably the best-known Australian whisky distillery globally having won Worlds Best Whisky and Worlds Bets Single Cask Whisky multiple times.


The distillery celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2019.

Sullivans Cove