Stellacello Amaro London

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This is a bitter-sweet liqueur, which shows its sweetness first up and the bitter herbal-ness after some time on ice to open up.

Perfectly acceptable as a digestif over ice, this is a good ‘up-your-creative-game’ replacement for anything that uses things like Aperol. A negroni is the obvious choice, but bartenders across the east coast are starting to experiment in many other ways.

This comes from 25 ingredients, which are macerated – at staggered intervals – with neutral spirit. The botanicals include grapefruit peel and flesh, coriander seed, black peppercorn, orange zest, rosemary, Madagascan vanilla pod and whole fresh rhubarb.

Stellacello is a British liqueur company, founded by Joe Stella in 2012, who was originally from Melbourne. The London Amaro was launched in 2017 after three years of trying to perfect his take on the Italian styles.

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