Rare As Hen's Teeth Aussie Whisky Tasting Pack

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A tasting pack of three incredibly rare Australian whiskies which was part of a virtual tasting during Sydney Whisky Forum 2020.

This tasting pack includes: 

1x 30ml McHenry 1st Release 44%
Released 2016, distilled in 2011 and aged five years. 100 litre Maker's Mark American Oak cask finsihed in 20 litre French oak ex-port. 100 bottles ever released.

1x 30ml Belgrove Oat Whisky First Release 58.4%
Released 2014 as a three-year-old from a mash bill of 65% oats, the remaining 35% rye, barley and wheat. 152 bottles released.

1x 30ml Black Gate 520s 67%
Released 2015, five 20 litre casks were vatted together to create this fire-breathing expression which became a cult whisky and announced Black Gate to a wider audience. 159 bottles released.

Contains a total of 90ml at an average of 56.46%


The southern-most whisky distillery in Australia, McHenry is located on the slops of Mount Arthur in southern Tasmania. The cool maritime climate lends itself to extended aging and so while many other distilleries have been pumping through releases, McHenry's whiskies have been very quietly aging to their maturity. Working towards what will likely be one of the oldest core range whiskies on the Australian market.


Tasmania's pionner grain distiller, Peter Bignell's Belgrove distillery is one of the greenest on the planet. Initially focused on his own paddock-to-bottle rye releases, this Oat whisky was a touchstone of impending experimentation and created international buzz around a style of whisky that many had attempted, but few had mastered.

Black Gate

Located in Mendooran in New South Wales' Central West, Black Gate were building a solid local following in their surrounds and Sydney before 520s dropped - a fire-breathing experiment that launched them into the national whisky drinker's psyche. Such was the reputation of this 520s and lingering adoration after most had been drunk, that the follow-up 620s years later was arguably the most anticipated release in the distillery's history.

Oak Barrel Tasting Packs

The Oak Barrel has been running a number of virtual tastings throughout 2020, connecting lovers of great drinks from around Australia and the world. While these sell out, we do keep some tasting packs back for presenters or as ‘emergency’ back-ups (in case things go missing or get damaged in transit).

We’re now releasing those extra packs, which contain some truly outstanding and premium drams, for sale and you can re-live the live tasting below. 

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