Plantation Isle Of Fiji Double Aged Rum

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A Fijian sugarcane rum that was matued in both the island's tropical climate and France.  

Distilled from molasses from local Fijian sugarcane at the Rum Co Of Fiji, the tropical aging took place in ex-bourbon casks for two-to-three years before it spent time in French oak ex-cognac casks for one year in Fance.

Fermentation was between four-to-five days and both pot and column still were used.


Because Plantation are very open about their process, we've got more transperancy on their rums than from many other producers

There is dosage of 16 g/L and the volatile substances reading is 232 g/hL AA. A small amount of caramel colouring of E150a was added, between 0% and 0.1%, as Plantation say "solely to adjust – if needed – the color between different batches."

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Intense, it starts on molasses, pear and varnish. It then becomes fruitier and spicier on apple, banana and gooseberry, also nutmeg and vanilla with a hint of smoke.

Palate: Rich and round, it follows the nose with vanilla fudge, honey, ginger and fruity notes of prune and coconut.

Finish: Very long on dried banana, bourbon and allspice.

In 1989 the Maison Ferrand cognac house was taken over by Alexandre Gabriel, who planned to return one of the region's oldest spirit brands to the height of its powers. Starting with cognac and then moving into other fine spirits, Gabriel scoured the Caribbean throughout the 1990s in source of rum.

From those trips the Plantation brand was born. Rums are transferred to France, where they undergo final maturations in a variety of casks. 


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