North Star Highland Star 11-Year-Old

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A single cask whisky from an undisclosed distillery in the Scottish highlands, bottled by North Star.

This was matured in a single refill sherry butt, with 600 bottles in the release.

In this case we’re looking for the typical highland style, bolder than a lowland or speyside but without the big peat of some of the whiskies from the islands.

Rumoured to be Teaninich.

The Millenial series from North Star showcases excellent whiskies from the various Scottish regions, bottled at 50% and often single cask. They provide exceptional value for plenty of flavour.

North Star is a Glasgow-based independent bottler run by Iain Croucher, who has quickly set himself up as one of the most exciting young bottlers from Scotland. All their whiskies are natural colour and un-chill filtered.

Tasting notes by Angus MacRaid of Whisky Fun.

What’s fun with this series is that, while the distilleries remain technically anonymous, the labels provide the necessary latitude and longitude co-ordinates to find out. In the case of this wee bottling, google maps informs us that the whisky almost certainly comes from Tea....

Colour: White wine.

Nose: Straw, bailed hay, cider apples, pears, sooty porridge, chalk and things like river water and moss. No nonsense, rather pure malt whisky that does indeed bring to mind the ‘idea’ of ‘Highland’ malt whisky. Even if the concept of regions is a little daft these days (while indeed the concept of terroir is on the rise). With a little time there’s various lovely notes of herbs, lemon rind, greenery and petrichor. With water: chalk, aspirin, citric, malt bins, dry cereals, plain toast - perhaps a little more chiseled and mineral.

Mouth: Sharp, flinty, lemony, yeasty, bready and rather lively. Full of olive oil, hints of pineapple and other fruit syrups, cornbread and some white flowers and pebbles. With water: green apples now, lemon zest again, more chalky, crushed aspirin notes, bay leaf, trodden bracken and other such greenery. A slightly ascendant earthiness.

Finish: Good length, rather on oatmeal, dried cereals, baking soda, dried mixed herbs and a light pepperiness. Some watercress in the aftertaste.

Comments: A very solid and natural wee dram and a great, young example of this particular make. Good hipflask material.

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