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Ever since DJ and Harriet McCready opened the doors to Mountain Culture in 2019, they have quicky become one of Australia's hottest breweries. As an ex-pat from the US, it's no surprise that DJ has a passion for all things hops and boy does it come accross in his beers and he is constantly coming up with new hop combinations for their seemingly neverending stream of limited releases. While Mountain Culture make exceptional hop driven beers, their other brews are no different, whether it's a stout, porter or even a schwarzbier, you are always in safe hands with the team from Mountain Culture!

This pack features a range of their recent limited releases as well as a few staples from their core range to show off exactly what the Mountain Culture guys are capable of, and, spoiler alert! It's pretty sensational!

This pack includes -

Mountain Culture / Burial - Six Feet Under Russian Imperial Stout with Pecan and Coffee - 11% 500ml
Mountain Culture Supermoon - Raspberry Stout - 10% 500ml
Mountain Culture Dreamatorium - Oat Cream IPA - 7.2% 500ml
Mountain Culture Champion Of The Sun - Triple NEIPA - 10% 500ml
Mountain Culture Master Of Karate - Black IPA - 10% 500ml
Mountain Culture Safe Harbour - Baltic Porter - 6.5% 500ml
Mountain Culture Hypehopopotamus - NZ Hopped NEIPA - 7.1% 500ml
Mountain Culture Status Quo - New England Pale Ale - 5.6% 355ml
Mountain Culture - Double Red IPA - 8% 355ml
Mountain Culture Moon Dust - Stout - 5.6% 355ml

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