Kill Devil Guyana (Diamond Distillery) 17-Year-Old Single Cask Rum

Kill Devil

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A 17-year-old Guyana rum bottled by Hunter Laing under their new "Kill Devil" rum range.

This was distilled at the Diamond Distillery from fermented molasses as a pure single rum (one distillery, all pot still) in 2004. It spent 17 years maturing in a single cask, which yielded 252 bottles at a natural cask strength of 55.9% abv.

When rum was a cheap, accessible, liquor made from the byproduct of sugar by plantation slaves for their own consumption and not the commercial commodity it later became, it went by a different name. "Kill Devil" is one of the earliest names attributed to rum. It's etymology is widely debated, however, in the 17th and 18th centuries the distillate produced across the Caribbean was known to many as Kill Devil: a fitting name today for a range of exquisite single cask Caribbean rums!

Official Tasting Notes:

"Green cardamom and cinnamon-spiced chocolate, with sweeter notes of date and raisin.

Hints of oak char and earthy tonka bean in support."


Hunter Laing is an independent bottler that was founded in 1949 by Fred Hunter Laing. In it's near 80 year history it has remained family owned; now into their 3rd generation. Due to the relationships that have been built up over generations, Hunter Laing are one of the few bottlers with longstanding filling contracts with many of Scotland's finest distilleries. Alongside their cask regime and Glasgow maturation warehouses, this allows allows near-complete control over the maturation of whisky that they bottle. 

They have recently constructed the newest distillery on Islay, Ardnahoe. A stunningly beautiful distillery that was designed for the family by industry legend, Jim McEwan. They have also begun to expand into the world of rum bottling with their Kill Devil range.




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