Kameman Genmaishu

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One of only 2 breweries that make a brown rice sake, Kameman Genmaishu has delicious flavours of roast cocoa, brown sugar and christmas cake fruits and spices. A lovely, incredibly rare sake with a balanced sweetness.

Genmai-Sake literally translates to brown rice sake, instead of polishing off the husk of the grain, the whole rice is crushed to expose the starch inside and begin fermentation; an incredibly time consuming and expensive process that uses more rice than polished sake, though the time element is the real draw back with soaking the rice alone taking 14 hours compared to between 1 minute-1 hour for polished sake  followed by a double steaming process and a complicated series of addition of rice, water and koji.

Kameman Brewery is the second most southern sake brewery in Japan, found in Kumamoto prefecture and on the coast of the beautiful Kyushu island; it was established in 1916 and with Shuichi Takeda being the 4th generation owner and in another rarity also the head brewer (Toji).

An incredible sake that can be cellared or if drunk now will continue to drink well for 4 months or more; drink chilled to release more acidity or at room temperature for more richness.

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