Ippongi Utagebiyori Junmai Sparkling Sake 270ml

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This sake is crisp, clean lightly sweet with a nice fruity acidity. It's perfect during summer time or any time you want an easy drinking sparkling sake.

Ippongi Sake Brewery is located in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture, a town nestled in the foothills of Mt. Hakusan (lit. White mountain) known for its deep winter snows. Katsuyama is called the Dinosaur Kingdom, as more dinosaur fossils have been excavated here than in any other region in Japan.

The history of Katsuyama traces back over 1300 years ago, to the time when Heisenji Temple was founded by the great monk Taichou in AD 720. In the 15th century, when Heisenji Temple was at the height of its prosperity, it wielded an enormous influence upon the central government and samurai society.

When Ippongi Sake Brewery was founded in 1902, the company inherited this historical sake name.
Since the beginning, Ippongi has been brewing high-quality dry sake, and within 10 years of its founding, it became the top brand in Fukui prefecture. Ippongi continues to hold the top position to this day, nearly for 100 years.

Around the 1950's, having already made a name for itself with its excellent dry sake, Ippongi began to seek a way to create an even more elegant and refined taste. The taste Ippongi was aiming for was something pure with a beautifully articulated aroma and flavor.

To accomplish this, Ippongi turned to the Nambu brewing method (developed among brew masters from southern Iwate prefecture, which was famous for producing sake with a clean, clear taste). The company began employing a toji (brew master) well-versed in the Nambu methods, and since then Ippongi has consistently worked to produce quality sake which embodies these ideals of purity in both taste and aroma.

Enjoy this chilled.

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