Introduction To Peated Whisk(e)y Virtual Tasting (Tue 14 Apr)

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 The Oak Barrel is excited to confirm another virtual tasting, this time we’re going to be focusing on smoke in our Introduction To Peated Whisk(e)y tasting with The Exchange!

The Exchange is the education arm of Beam-Suntory, owners of some of the world’s best-known distilleries. We’ve managed to get our hands on some of their ‘Peated Malts Of Distinction Packs’ which feature four 50ml bottles which showcase smoke in different aspects.

There’s two from Scotland’s famed Islay, an island who’s history and story is intrinsically tied to whisky, one from the mainland and also a rare peated Irish whisky from the Cooley distillery.

What We’ll Be Trying

Ardmore Legacy (Scotland, Highlands)
Connemara Peared
(Ireland, Louth)
Bowmore Small Batch (Scotland, Islay)
Laphroaig Select (Scotland, Islay)

How The Tasting Will Work

Packs will be sold for $50, $45 for Oak Barrel members, including delivery.

We’ll be sending out those packs from Monday 6 April, to ensure that we can get them everywhere they need to be.

Then on Tuesday 14 April we’ll go live with a Brand Ambassador from The Exchange and The Oak Barrel’s Scott Fitzsimons to talk through peated whisky and the four drams in your pack.

That will be live streamed through The Oak Barrel’s Facebook page as we field your comments and questions from around Australia.

The live stream video will be posted after the live event concludes - so you can do the tasting at your leisure. But if you want to follow along live, we recommend ordering by Monday 8 April.

WHAT: Introduction To Peated Whisky Virtual Tasting
WHERE: Your house
WHEN: Tuesday 14 April, 6.30pm 
PRICE: $45 for members and $50 for guests


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