Intro to Georgian Wine Virtual Tasting with Tim Stock (Thu 26 Nov)

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Known as the 'birthplace of wine', the country of Georgia is one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world with the earliest signs of grape viticulture and winemaking dating back of 8000 years! With a history spanning thousands of years, winemaking and drinking is of great importance in Georgian culture. 

Winemaking in Georgia has seen a number of influences throughout it's long history, from the Christianisation of Georgia in the 4th century AD, to the rise in popularity and preference during the Soviet times until Gorbachev's anti-alcohol campaign in the 1980's greatly affecting some of the older wineries. 

Georgian winemaking is well known for it's unique use of Kvevri, large clay vessels lined with a coat of beeswax on the inside. These vessels were used in the earliest wine production, and are still common across the region today. As well as the use of Kvevri, Georgia winemakers also produced the first skin macerated wines, or orange wines as they're more commonly known today. The  first white wines were made with skins, stalks, and pips included with the juice inside the Kvevri giving the wines an amber/orange colour. 

We are incredibly excited to announce our virtual wine tasting with Tim Stock from Vinous, one of Australia's leading importers and experts of Georgian wine here in Australia, to taste and dicuss through the wines and history. Tim is a wealth of knowledge on the wines, regions and producers of this amazing region. 

What We’ll Be Trying

Pheasant's Tears Chinuri Amber 2017 750ml
Do Re Mi Saperavi 2017 750ml

How The Tasting Will Work

Each ticket includes 1 bottle each of these wines. Tickets will be sold for $99, $89.10 for Oak Barrel members, including delivery to your door (in store these wines retail for $110, so that's a pretty good deal on it's own!)

We’ll be sending out those packs from Friday 20 November, to ensure that we can get them everywhere they need to be.

Then on Thursday 26 November we’ll go live with Tim Stock from Vinous, and The Oak Barrel's Joe Perry.

That will be live streamed through Zoom and The Oak Barrel’s Facebook and Youtube page as we field your comments and questions from around Australia.

We recommend between 90-120ml pours for the tasting event, so you’ll have plenty of wine left over after the night.

The live stream video will be posted after the live event concludes - so you can do the tasting at your leisure. But if you want to follow along live, we recommend ordering by Friday 20 November

WHAT: Intro to Georgian Wines Virtual Tasting with Tim Stock
WHERE: Your house
WHEN: Thursday 26th November, 7.00pm
PRICE: $89.10 for members and $99 guests

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