From Country To Coast: Fleurieu & Black Gate Collaborative Blended Malt

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Something quite unique to come after a period of lockdown - a blended malt from two our of favourite young Australian whisky distilleries: New South Wales' country Black Gate and South Australia's  coastalFleurieu.

Bottled 1 April 2020 and limited to just 300 bottles this is a vatting of tawny (Fleurieu) and apera (Black Gate) casks that held whisky distilled from imported heavily peated Scottish barley. Bottled at 48%.

The vatting took place at Fleurieu and the release has the moniker of "BFG" - Black Fleurieu Gate.

In the latter years of this decade, we've championed both of these distilleries we've championed as examples of quality and consistency from the new wave of Aussie whisky distillers - two of the country's best. They kept this little project from us, so we were pretty excited to see this fun little experiment when we found out. 

So how does it taste?

Oak Barrel thoughts: 

Not really sure what to expect here, there are similarities in the house styles (Black Gate, often peated with brown sugar and golden syrup notes / Fleurieu, tends to have a real salted caramel line across the range) but that's no guarantee this'll work. 

Dried fruit, autumn leaves, walking past Scottish mash tuns are the initial thoughts on the nose. Beautiful sweet malt note and a really gentle bed of smoke. It's certainly there, but not dominating. A bit of time and it emerges, smoked brisket, iron pot over hot coals. Slight nuttiness as well. Peanut oil.

Palate shows more sweetness, a mixture of golden syrup and burnt caramel with a hint of spice with the smoke lingering out in a long finish. Nuttiness returns right at the end. The whole thing is very well balanced, which is what we'd expect from the minds and palates behind two of our local favourites.

Tasting notes from Fleurieu:

This limited edition peated whisky is an exceptional pairing of casks from two highly respected Australian mainland distilleries. The deep mahogany hue carries forward a nose of solid peat smoke upon a bed of raisins, spice and vanilla. It offers an inviting multilayer complexity of peat mixed with signature Apera and Tawny barrel characters. Immerse yourself in the wispy smoke over briny coastal iodine and sweet country infused malt and umami. This balance and integration mingles well through to the end, beckoning another sip to savour.

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