Eric Bordelet Mistelle de Pommes à Sydre Pommeau de Normandie 2010

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Made by mutage, where spirit (in this case Calvados) is added to the fresh must to prevent fermentation, they were originally conceived as a way of preserving the fresh juice.

Being an AOC Pommeau de Normandie, the Mistelle de Pommes à Sydre, is governed by the usual regulations, covering things like apple varieties (many), villages (many), sugar levels (69 g/L minimum), alcohol (16%-18%) and the Calvados used (minimum 1 year-old and 65% alcohol).

The Bordelet rendition is a deep red in colour from the extended maceration of red apples and sits at 17% alcohol and 90 g/L of sugar. But most importantly, this is a 2010 vintage that has spent a decade maturing in barrel, whereas the legal requirement is a mere 14 months! Wonderfully complex and beautifully balanced, this can be served as an aperitif, paired with a dessert (tarte tartin anyone?) or cheese (Camembert being the perfect, local match).

Cidriculteur Eric Bordelet