Eagle Rare 10-Year-Old Single Barrel For Barrel & Batch

Buffalo Trace


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A ten-year-old bourbon from the Eagle Rare brand distilled at Buffalo Trace and bottled as an Australian exclusive single barrel for Barrel & Batch.

Believed to be the first Eagle Rare single barrel bottled for Australia. 

Bottled at 90 proof (45% ABV) in the traditional 750ml bottles, this was distilled from Rye Marsh #1 and the barrel matured in Warehouse K, Floor 7, Rick 5. 

A total of 246 bottles in the release.

From Barrel & Batch on sourcing the cask:

"The tasting notes we were hunting for were all our favourites. Deep caramel and oak, a nice Kentucky chewy or full oily mouth feel. Brown sugar and a touch of vanilla, the upfront flavour to hold and with a lingering finish which gave just a hint of grassiness from the rye.

"It gets thrown around that the eagle has evolved and changed over the last 5-6 years. We couldn’t say why, but we like to think our pick is taking it back to the place we all fell in love with it.

"Looking at the yield, this barrel has suffered through the elements and it’s all the better for it. All that spirit has condensed down to a rich, chewy drop we shan’t soon forget."

Barrel & Batch is an Australia whisky co-op that sources single cask and rare whiskies from all over the country including Scotland, American and Australia. The limited release whiskies are offered to members of the co-op, but here at The Oak Barrel we’re lucky enough to get our hands on a small number of the odd release.

Buffalo Trace