Darroze 1999 Domaine De Rieston Armagnac

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1999 vintage Bas-Armagnac bottled by Darroze, one of the region's top houses.

This was bottled in October 2014 as a 15-year-old. A very fresh Armagnac, it jumps out at the nose and is smooth on the palate with vanilla and buttery notes.

In Darroze's words: Nice gold colour with orange tints.

The nose is very fruity (orange peel, tangerine, crystalised fruit) with some gingerbread and toast notes.

Very complex.

On the palate the tannins arepresent but silky. An incredible aromatic explosion awaits you.

Good length.


Domaine: Domaine de Reiston
Farmer: Deyres Jean-Luc
Appelation: Bas Armagnac
Village: Perquie
Soil: Sandy
Size Of Vineyard: 2.5 hectares
Grape Variety: Baco
Age Of Vineyards: 12 at 18 years
Distiller: Himself
Distilled at 53% ABV
Aged using local oak

Darroze is one of Armagnac’s most celebrated bottlers, and certainly one of its best. Jean Darroze was a famous chef in the region and his son Francis added to their culinary talents by sourcing single estate Armagnacs from around the region. Francis introduced his own son Marc to the industry and they soon became known as the Armagnac “treasure hunters”. Marc, who is the President of peak body the Bureau National Interprofessionnel de l'Armagnac, now runs the company himself.

He offers the most diversity of any one house. Barrels are selected based on flavour from across the region and they are bottled at natural cask strength. No water or colouring is added.

Outside of the bigger grower-producer houses, the spirit is distilled by small farm properties around the region. Mobile stills that travel from farm-to-farm are an integral part of Armagnac’s history and often farmers would sell off barrels of their own, small production for a bit of quick cash. As it has been put elsewhere, “A sick bull, a dying horse or tractor are repaired or replaced by the sale of a barrel.”

Darroze’s bottlings showcase the uniqueness of each farm and offer fantastic transparency about the grapes used in the production.

Please note, Darroze Armagnacs are bottled to order – so different batches from the same barrel will have different bottling dates and therefore potential ages. We endeavour to keep these records updated as best as possible, but there might be slight variations on the exact dates.

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