Colonel EH Taylor + Buffalo Trace + Duffle Bag Pack

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Two excellent bourbons and a bag to carry them in - this is a pretty good deal from our friends at Buffalo Trace!

We've a very limited number of these packs to sell, which represent incredible value. 

Each pack includes:

1x Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon (50%)
1x Buffalo Trace Bourbon (40%)
1x Buffalo Trace Duffle Bag

Considered to be one of the best consistent bourbons on the market, particularly out of what is brough into Australia, the Small Batch is a vatting of casks designed to produce elegance and refinement under the Bottled In Bond rules. It carries the classic caramel sweetness of Taylor with a softer mouth-feel and restrained spice.

Official tasting notes:

Tastes of caramel corn sweetness, mingled with butterscotch and licorice. The aftertaste is a soft mouth-feel that turns into subtle spices of pepper and tobacco.

Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. became involved in the bourbon industry following the Civil War when he purchased the O.F.C. (Old Fine Copper) Distillery. He had previously been involved with financing distilleries thanks to his experience as a banker but it was through his Leestown distillery site that his real impact would be felt. One of the most innovative distilleries of the time, upgrades brought in copper fermentation tanks, improved grain machinery, sour mash efficiencies and steam heating. The development of premium, consistent bourbons wasn’t his only impact though as Taylor had a big part in fighting for the Bottled In Bond Act of 1897.

At a time when flavoured alcohols were be passed off as cheaper alternatives to true bourbons, the Bottled In Bond Act ensured a stamp of quality on a bottle – four years maturation in a federally bonded warehouse, spirits distilled in a single distillation season and 100 proof (50% ABV).

The descendent of two former American Presidents, James Madison and Zachary Taylor, Taylor is held in a similar ilk by contemporary whiskey drinkers and the Bottled In Bond stamp he was so instrumental in remains an industry-wide stamp of quality.

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