Clairin Casimir Rhum Pur Jus De Canne

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An estery, spicy clairin – Haitian white rhum style – bottled by Velier.

The Casimir is distilled from the Hawaii sugarcane strain at Barraderes by Faubert Casimir.

One of the most interesting sugar cane distillates we’ve tried, this is a potent beast. Estery with chilli and red pepper notes, it has a nose of fermenting stone fruit and capsicum.

The palate is quite clean by comparison, with rich brown sugar on the finish.

Barraderes is 25 kilometres from a major town, but this rum country is quite secluded. Accessible only with a good four-wheel-drive, there is no bar, restaurant or pharmacy in town.

Faubert Casimir learnt the trade from his father, who began in 1979. Sugarcane are harvest only when fully ripe, so the plantation always has a level of vegetation.

Peculiarly, Casimir adds herbs or vegetal matter to the juice during fermentation – which puts his distillate at odds with most of the rest of the country.

One of the most exciting rum imports of recent years, Clairin represents a style of rhum drunk locally but rarely seen outside of Haiti. Clairin is distilled from cane sugar in the style of a white rum but, made by traditional methods and bottled at still strength, is less refined and often ‘rawer’. It’s often compared to rum as mezcal is to tequila.

This selection of Clairin has been chosen by Luca Gargano’s European importer Velier. No pesticides or herbicides are used in the farming, sugarcane is cut by hand and immediately transferred to a distillery for fermentation. The organic cane and natural yeast prompts spontaneous wild fermentation. The stills are heated by direct flame.

There are approximately 50 distilleries in the Caribbean, but over 500 in Haiti. Exports are usually blended from a number of these distilleries, so this series is a very rare chance to experience these distillery-specific clairin in their purest form, just as the locals do.

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