Champagne Gouet-Henry NV

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A lovely drink-friendly Champagne that, unlike the world-renowned brands, delivers quality at a reasonable price. Here, the budget is devoted to growing the grapes and producing the wine in the bottle rather than an expensive marketing campaign.

The grapes for Gouet-Henry Champagne Brut come from Talus-Saint-Prix in the Marne department, 37km south of Epernay and Hautvillers where Dom Pérignon, cellar master of the ever-famous abbey, is said to have discovered the art of Champagne-making. In the gentle slopes of lime and clay soils are grown the classic Champagne grapes, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, which are represented in equal parts in this Champagne.Gouet-Henry is a Champagne that is “brut” / dry without being harsh or complicated and difficult to understand.

Aromas and flavors have elements of lemon and grape, toast, rye bread, white flowers and the unmistakable minerality that has made Champagne the world's leading bubble drink. Great resilience carried by the naturally produced carbonation and youthful fruit gives the desire for the next glass. Gouet-Henri has light fullness and good intensity with a clean finish as well as fine, soft bubbles.Champagne is typically welcomed as an aperitif. However champagne partners up with everything from traditional caviar to butter-drenched seafood delights and salty flavored fare. The high acidity and zippy carbonation cut through oils and fats with delicious palate precision, making everything from fried potatoes and savory quiche to Oysters Rockefeller and smoked salmon an absolute treat.

Enjoy cooled by not cold in small Champagne Flutes at a serving temperature of 8 - 10 °.

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