Boutique-y World Whisky Blend

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A unique blended whisky from the team at Boutique-y crafted from whisky distilled all over the world.

Released with the tagline, "A blend of incredible whiskies from Planet Earth", it includes whisky from Scotland, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Taiwan, India, Italy, Germany (Bavaria), France, Japan and Finland.

Whilst Boutique-y have always dealt in limited releases, this is designed to be a year-round offering.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company have bottled most distilleries in Scotland and are increasingly expanding to include whiskies from around the world. Their labels are designed by Emily Chappell and reference interesting elements (or in-jokes) about the distillery - in this case the label is pretty straight forward! 

Bottled at 41.6% - and in 700ml bottles, rather than their usual 500ml - while this is a quality sipper, it's also been designed to be mixed as per regional tastes, inspired by how people drink whisky all around the world.

Differing countries around the world have traditionally (or in more modern times) mixed their whisky with soda, tonic, ginger ale, cola, green tea, of coconut walker and this blend has been designed to stand up to all of those. 

The whisky itself is sweet and spicy, with fruit and honey notes balanced with baking spice and cereal notes.

From Boutique-y:

"That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s World Whisky Blend pays homage to Blended Scotch Whisky. A global whisky celebration in itself, being a marriage of whiskies from around the world. World Whisky Blend can be blended from any kind of whisky/whiskey from anywhere in the world. World Whisky Blend is all about making whisky fun and enjoyable.  World Whisky Blend is not about being exclusive or prescriptive.  World Whisky Blend can be drunk however you enjoy it ; with or without ice, or a mixer.  World Whisky Blend was inspired by the way people around the globe drink their whisky,"


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