Boutique-y Fleurieu 3-Year-Old Batch 1


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The batch one release of Australia's Fleurieu whisky, bottled by Scotland's That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

This Batch 1 is part of the independent bottler's inaugural Australia series, which features eight whiskies from downunder distilleries, released in April 2021.

This Fleurieu release is exclusive to The Oak Barrel in Australia. There are 260 bottles in the release, with just 120 allocation to Australia. 

This three-year-old was matured in an ex-sherry cask and bottled at 49.5%. 

A lip-smackingly delicious ex-sherry cask single malt. Located on the Fleurieu peninsula, and run by ex-brewers Gareth and Angela. Fleurieu have had a meteoric rise to fame in the Australian whisky scene, picking up a whole host of awards for their highly popular bottlings.

"Fleurieu’s copper pot stills are modelled on those at Islay Distillery, Coal Ila. Fleurieu run a super long 8 day ferment, using brewers yeast. There’s often a noticeable salinity, and trademark Caol Ila meatyness to their whiskies."

Reviewed by Luke McCarthy at Oz Whisky Review he gave this release a whopping 91 points.

He wrote, "Woah. Big, rich and meaty - that's Fleurieu alright. Smoky bacon and pastrami - quite spicy initially - then custard, struck match and boozy fruitcake... Yep, this is banging. It's got all the elements you'd expect from Fleurieu, and the cask has done its job perfectly. My pick of the bunch."

TBWC Tasting Notes: 

Nose: Dark brown sugar, cocoa beans, toasted nuts and vanilla pods.

Palate: Sugar topped oatmeal, raisins, caramelised orange.

Oak Barrel comments from a preview tasting of the series: 

Smouldering oak and sherry on the nose, caramel sweetness fights through - bit of evidence of the house style there. The palate is mouth-coating, milk chocolate providing the base of the sherry-cask flavours. Leads into a good length finish. This a very complete, excellent whisky.

TBWC on the label:

"Our label recreates a incident that actually happened. The distillery is an old train shed, and there are tracks running right through one of the tracks.

"Today, casks sit on top of the old track.

"The train line is now mostly disused, however a group of steam train enthusiasts occasionally operate a train on the line. Some years back they lost control and crashed it through the doors, into the distillery."

One of Scotland’s most prolific independent bottlers, Boutique-y share an ethos with The Oak Barrel that whisky is meant to be drunk, whisky is meant to be fun. Known for their bright labels and excellent juice, they have bottled most distilleries in Scotland and are increasingly expanding to include whiskies from around the world – which is where this series of Australian whiskies fits in.

Their limited-edition labels are designed by Emily Chappell and reference interesting elements (or in-jokes) about the distillery. Their batches, which can be single casks or married from a number of casks, are bottled at the strength they deem the whisky is most enjoyable at.

Single Malt
South Australia

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