Boutique-y Black Gate 3-Year-Old Batch 1

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The batch one release from Australia's Black Gate distillery, bottled by Scotland's That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

This Batch 1 is part of the independent bottler's inaugural Australia series, which features eight whiskies from downunder distilleries, released in April 2021.

Matured in an ex-apera cask and bottled at 46%. 

231 bottles in the release, approximately half of that allocated to Australia. 

TBWC's take on this Black Gate: 

"Our first Black Gate bottling is a rich, wine cask driven, classic Mainland Australian style whisky.

"The Black Gate Distillery produces both Single Malt Whisky and Dark Rum (both brewed and distilled on site.) An annual capacity of just 3,000 litres of whisky means it can be pretty hard to come by! Our 231 bottle release equates to almost 4% of their annual production!

"The distillery is run by Brian and Genise Hollingworth. Brian, an ex school teacher, looks after whisky distilling but is an automotive mechanic by trade... He definitely knows what he is doing though, having learnt the art of distillation from Aussie distilling guru, Bill Lark, in Tasmania.

"The Black Gate Distillery utilise casks which whilst small in size, have a big impact on flavour. The arid, desert-like environment in New South Wales results in a fast, aggresive maturation."

Nose: An old, dusty Cognac. Ruby red grapes, dark sugars and burnt caramel.

Palate: Big, rich and oily. Burnt caramel carries through.

Oak Barrel comments from a preview tasting of the series: 

Even though this is on the lighter end of where Black Gate bottle ther official releases, this is still Black Gate. Quite an 'Aussie' nose if that makes sense, clean sherry influence even if it's lighter than we've come to expect. Golden syrup on the palate, those direct-fired stills giving an industrial weight even if this is a restrained and polished version of their spirit. Very enjoyable take on their style.

TBWC on the label:

"The distillery building is located next to their bungalow home. Kangaroos and emus are a common sight here, often getting onto the property and wandering around outside the distillery.

"Their small dachshund ‘Frankie’ an unofficial mascot of the distillery has been found herding wandering emus off the property.

"We’ve recreated of of Frankie’s nighttime  espacades on our label here."

One of Scotland’s most prolific independent bottlers, Boutique-y share an ethos with The Oak Barrel that whisky is meant to be drunk, whisky is meant to be fun. Known for their bright labels and excellent juice, they have bottled most distilleries in Scotland and are increasingly expanding to include whiskies from around the world – which is where this series of Australian whiskies fits in.

Their limited-edition labels are designed by Emily Chappell and reference interesting elements (or in-jokes) about the distillery. Their batches, which can be single casks or married from a number of casks, are bottled at the strength they deem the whisky is most enjoyable at.

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New South Wales
Black Gate