Transcontinental Rums: Well Travelled Spirits

Transcontinental Rums: Well Travelled Spirits

14th Feb 2019
- Scott Fitzsimons -

Over the next few weeks we’ll be receiving some excellent – and rare- new rums from around the world and we’re kicking off with four special releases from the Transcontinental Rum Line series.

The Transcontinental Rum Line is produced by French spirits icons LMDW Creations. That’s the bottling arm of La Maison Du Whisky, who’ve long branched out into spirits from around the world since establishing themselves as global whisky experts.

The range, known as TCRL, celebrates the traditional Atlantic crossing from the Caribbean to Europe, where many casks were sent to age. Europe’s cooler climate – and range of barrels – resulted in a very different maturation for the rums that spent most of their time in Europe.

The TCRL rums celebrate that tradition, excellent tasting rums with utmost maturation transparency.

Just arrived in store are four expressions from Jamaica, Panama, Guyana and Fiji. Click on them below for full details and tasting notes.

We've also confirmed out next Rum Appreciation tastings, head here for details.