The Wines of Gut Oggau - Rare Austrian Releases

The Wines of Gut Oggau - Rare Austrian Releases

30th Jan 2019
- Joe Perry -

Very rarely seen outside of Europe, the cult-like wines of Austrian producer Gut Oggau are some of the most highly sought after across the globe. Each year we are lucky enough to get our hands on an extremely limited amount of these incredible wines. 

Stephanie and Eduard Tscheppe created Gut Oggau in 2007, based out of the tiny town of Oggau in Burgenland. They adopted the gruelling task of restoring a 17th century winery with a 200 year old press that hadn't been cared for in over 20 years. Working biodynamically from day 1, the vines have not seen any pesticides or herbicides. 

Their passionate approach to their vineyard continues into the winery where wines are treated are seen as alive, and adopt specific personalities. This 'family' of wines is now synonymous with the iconic faces that are drawn and make up the labels. These reflect the personalities of each wine, from the energetic, bold expressions of the children - Atanasius, Theodora, and Winifred, moving up to the powerful, rich and ageworthy wines related to the parents - Joschuari, Timotheus, and Josephine. Mechtild and Bertholdi complete the tree as the grandparents, fruit sourced from the oldest single vineyards which produce complex, unique wines. 

Gut Oggau is one of the leaders of the natural wine movement, not just in Europe but in the world. They produce wines of incredible expression and sense of place, with no 2 cuvees being the same. Enjoying these wines is an unique experience to be shared and treasured. 

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From high up in the hills, Joschuari 2015 is the master of all he surveys. His demeanor seems distant, and yet he is so closely connected to the identity of our region and our terroir, it forms and shapes his very character. His path thtough life has been stony, but he has emerged fully rounded, with nobility, poise, and passion. With the gentle touch of a caring father, he only wants us to be our best. To squeeze every drop out of life. To rethink our priorities and focus on what's important. Full of joie de vivre, yet cool and calm. He is a hedonist in a perfectly tailored suit. You can't help but be swirled up by his infectious love for life, and charmed by his quiet confidenc. Delivering both a thrill to the senses and an air of tranquility with every sip.

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It is so good to have Timotheus (Weiss) 2017 back. We have missed his thoughtfulness. His dignity. His wry wit and his impressive stature. Regaling us with stories of the limestone landscape in which he was raised. Each anecdote an allegory for his insatiable energy and lust for life. It's always good to have someone like him around. And in his company, we learn more about ourselves. To take things as they come. Be at peace with our surroundings. And never take ourselves too seriously.

Come make friends with Timotheus. We promise you a dose of healthy, hedonistic soulfulness with every sip you take.

Josephine 2015 greets you with an enrapturing embrace. A lady of substance, brimming with elegance and southern charm. her graceful demeanor does little to betray her tempestuous character. Not one to languish around in her skin, she is spontaneous and energetic. The bohemian in her wishes to seek out new experiences, new ideas. With every drop of knowledge she soaks up, she becomes ever more enigmatic. Ever more intriguing. This time she has returned with a depth and mystery that exceeds expectations and with each sip you take, you are swept along on a wonderful adventure, with her by your side. 

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Welcome back Theodora!

In 2016 her bright personality helped bring the family together for the reunion. In 2017 she's going it alone again. Sassy as ever. Vivacious, spirited and more than a little stubborn. But we wouldn't want her any other way. For surely that's what life is about. Being true to yourself and your principles. Never backing down and holding your own against the pressures of conformity. In a world full of compromise, we need personalities like Theodora to inspire us to stand up for what we believe in. With every sip you take, she might awaken a little of the rebel within you too.

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Atanasius (Rot) 2017 can be counted on. Lusty, hands-on and direct. He never hides his past, rooted in the gravel and limestone of his homeland. Nor does he excuse his behaviour. He is searching for something in life, Following his instincts. Taking what the seasons throw at him. Believing in himself and his ability to achieve more than was ever expected of him. Why don't we all strive to achieve more than people expect of us. Why don't we simply trust in ourselves, and be the best that we can be. Take a sip of Atanasius, and see if he inspires you to overcome some of the obstacles in life.