Pascal Agrapart: An Icon Of Champagne

Pascal Agrapart: An Icon Of Champagne

5th Dec 2018
- Joe Perry -

Champagne Agrapart is one of the leading grower producers in Champagne at the moment, a true force behind the grower Champagne movement. Pascal Agrapart is one of the most iconic growers in Champagne, producing an incredibly unique style of Champagne as his vines see no use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, or herbicides.

This immense care and passion for healthy vines sets Pascal apart from many other large, commercial growers. He now works 70 different sites in Champagne, some of which are utilising horse ploughing. Only natural yeasts are used in the wine and all production sees full malolactic fermentation, no fining or filtration.

The Agrapart family owns several grand cru vineyards in Champagne, across Avize, Oger, Cramany, and Oiry, with biodynamic preparations resulting in low yet incredibly healthy yields from each. Organic and biodynamic preparations have been implemented by the family for a long time yet never overly publicised, Pascal believes that his style of farming and winemaking is purely about quality and not marketing. The vines can be over 60 years old These are wines which are unique and incredibly expressive of their terroir.

It is impossible to compare the wines of Champagne Agrapart to any other. These cuvees are some of the top Champagnes ever produced, often compared to the families neighbour Anselme Selosse, different expressions yet both leading examples of top tier Champagne.

The opportunity to drink the wines of Champagne Agrapart is an incredible experience, these wines are immensely expressive, balanced, and delicious.

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