One Of The Most Fun Wines Of The Year: Astro Bunny

One Of The Most Fun Wines Of The Year: Astro Bunny

12th Dec 2018
- Joe Perry -

This week we have received one of the most exciting releases of the year, Tim Wildman’s  Astro Bunny and Heavy Petting have hit the shelves!

Tim Wildman earned his Master of Wine in 2008 and is a strong contender for one of the most passionate people in the world of wine with independent ventures in the travel, education, and winemaking side of the business. Now owning and running James Busby Travel, a business dedicated to educating various wine professionals on tours run across many of Australia’s greatest wine regions.

With someone as experienced in the industry as Tim is, it’s no surprise that even the wine he makes is delicious. The ever popular Astro Bunny and Heavy Petting (sister of the Dark Side which we might all remember) are back. 

Members mixed six price $32.36

First up, cloudy, pink, effervescent, energy, as the list of adjectives goes on, Astro Bunny 2018 is packed full of bright pink fruits, beautiful citrus, and bright white florals all over the palate. Bright in the glass with balanced fizz this is delicious and smashable, all summer and probably winter long.

Members mixed six price $32.36

Right by it’s side is Heavy Petting, the bold, Nero d’Avola/Zibbibo blend alive with flavours of rhubarb, dark berries, plums, baking spices, and bright herbal undertones. Such a unique style of pet nat and a fun food pairing challenge.