Introducing Wine Aid - Support Those That Serve Us

Introducing Wine Aid - Support Those That Serve Us

14th May 2020
- Joe Perry -

The Oak Barrel is incredibly proud to announce our partnership with the amazing team at Wine Aid.

Wine Aid is a collaboration between 3 of Sydney's top wine professionals - Dan Simmons (Grafted Wines), Andrew Jamieson (Andrew Jamieson Wine Merchants), and Connor Sainsbury-Canham. The 3 have combined their impressive wine portfolios consisting of small Australian producers to bring this concept to you. 

With the aim to support hospitality workers, the Wine Aid team are constructing mystery wine packs in 6 and 12 bottle pack. Each 6 pack sold provides 2 meals, and each dozen provides 4 meals from the participating restaurants. 

Expect to see an impressive lineup of producers and wines in these packs including some of the Oak Barrel's favourite producers. The likes of Jilly, Mac Forbes, Ngeringa, Geyer Wine Co, Vinden Estate, Becker Wines, and so many more will be amongst the wines in these mystery packs. 

Hospitality staff can follow  @wineaid_ on instagram to find out which restaurants are involved and how to book these meals. So far the legends at Osteria Coogee, Annata, Arthur, and Prince of York are involved. 

Wine packs are available below at $150 for a 6 pack and $295 for a 12 pack

Wine Aid Mixed 6 Pack 

$150 each 

Wine Aid Mixed 12 Pack

$295 each