Hochkirch Wines - Stunning Riesling, Syrah and Pinot Noir

Hochkirch Wines - Stunning Riesling, Syrah and Pinot Noir

23rd Jan 2019
- Joe Perry -

Starting in 1990, Hochkirch is the winery of Jennifer and John Nagorcka, and is currently one of the leading certfied Biodynamic wineries in Australia. 

With a focus towards Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Shiraz their approach towards farming has been carefully studied and designed to benefit their unique microclimate with an colder growing period than a lot of other regions in the country. Sitting at 250m on a north facing slope at the bottom of the Victorian Grampians, they are farming over red basalt and stoney gravel/clay soils. 

Having a higher planting density in the vineyards forces the vines to work harder for nutrients in the soil and dig deeper into the earth. The vines never see any synthetic fungicides, pesticides or other harmful chemicals and this approach continues into the winery. Growing methods are performed in sync with the cycle of the lunar calendar and Hochkirch has been 100% Biodynamically certified for now 15 years.

This strict and respectful approach in the vineyard and winery has allowed Jennifer and John to consistently produce some of the most pure, expressive, and age-worthy wines in the country. These 3 new wines are nothing short of astounding.

Members 6 pack price - $32.37

Luscious, smoky black pepper, roasted herbs and meats on the nose. Backed by elegant yet structured red and black fruit on the palate with hints of eucalyptus and menthol. Tannins are extremely well integrated and carries rich spice with great length. 

15 years + aging easily

Members 6 pack price - $30.74

A intense, rich style of Riesling with energetic acidity and crispy green fruits on the nose. A great palate weight and mouthfeel adds to the white floral flavours and crunchy green pear skin.

An exceptional expression of Riesling from Hochkirch, will age beautifully for well over 10 years.

Members 6 pack price - $40.46

Possibly one of the best expressions of this varietal in the country, cool climate production from this iconic estate. Balance and power as is seen across the range. Soft cherries and strawberries with a unique herbal aroma of early grey tea and rhubarb. The palate is pronounced showing nuances of tangerine, and similar red fruits as the nose.