Glenfarclas 105 22-Year-Old: 50 Years Of An Icon

Glenfarclas 105 22-Year-Old: 50 Years Of An Icon

10th Dec 2018
- Scott Fitzsimons -

Ever since Australians began to organise their single malt whisky drinking experiences in the ‘70s and ’80 we’ve been known as a continent of cask strength lovers.

Glenfarclas’ veritable 105 has long scratched that itch for drinkers, a muscular 60% dram that balances the heat of the alcohol with rich, sherry-case induced fruits. It’s also a global icon for the historic Speyside sherry-cask house.

The 105 was introduced in 1968, originally as a hand-fill for employees and friends of the distillery around Christmas time. Its popularity saw it morph into a core line release, which at the time was quite ground-breaking given the rest of Scotch was almost exclusively bottling at 40%.

It is unique in its production as well. To ensure that the spirit doesn’t drop below 60% during the aging process the distillery have been known to fill barrels at pure still strength, rather than cutting to the industry average of 63.5%.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the release, the Grants – who’ve owned the distillery since 1865 – have created a very special  22-year-old expression, which harks to the very best expressions of this famous dram.

Very limited with only 3,600 worldwide, and far less of that in Australia, the 22-year-old is everything we love about the 105. Full-bodied, full-flavoured, brazen, packed with dense fruit and carrying that cigar-box earthy note Glenfarclas likes to show from time to time.

The 22-year-old 105 is now available in  very limited quantities. We are offering our allocation at one-per-person.

Glenfarclas and The Oak Barrel have long had a 'spiritual' connection - strengthened by our respective independent status. One of the first distilleries to be a regular range over a decade ago, it was also one of the first distilleries we bottled an exclusive cask with.

Also just landed in store is a range of Family Casks – exceptional single casks from throughout the Glenfarclas warehouses chosen for their brilliance and uniqueness.

Current vintages include 1979, 1989, 1990, 1998 and 2000.