Edenflo 2020 Releases

Edenflo 2020 Releases

17th Sep 2020
- Joe Perry -

A superstar of the minimal intervention Australian winemaking scene, Andrew Wardlaw has been crafting wines with no to low sulphur and no additives in South Australia's Eden and Barossa Valley since 1996. 

Edenflo showcases beautiful, small parcels of organically farmed fruit from the Eden and Barossa Valley. His zero chemical additive approach in the vineyard and farming follows suit into the winery, focusing on the fragrance and purity of the wines. 

In the winery, various amounts of  whole bunches are used for partial carbonic ferment. Both whites and reds see old oak, with the whites often getting different lengths of skin maceration. They remain in barrel until bottling, without additions or temperature control, truly encompassing the spirit of these fantastic vineyards. 

These 3 new wines from Edenflo are simply incredible, blending a combination of complexity, energy, and drink-ability. 

As we head into the warmer months, 2 delicious white blends and a light, bright, crunchy red will be right at home in any fridge. As Andrew Wardlaw puts it ''that’s my aim to make wines to give happiness that are affordable.''. Bravo! 

Edenflo Lemon Krush 2020
$37.95 each or $34.16 in any 6

'The cuvee name ‘Lemon Krush’ diminishes how serious and complex, intriguing and generally fantastic this wine is, but I love the name anyway. A blend of 80-year-old vine Maderia Semillion with chardonnay and viognier. Skin and stalk fermentation, blending, crafting, lo-fi winemaking, clever mind of Andrew Wardlaw winemaker, and you’ve a perfect storm here.
Righteous, detailed, stellar wine of amazing texture, length, intensity, freshness and all-round unique styling. That texture, though… as fine as tannin gets, succulent, so long, cool, leafy acidity under preserved lemon flavours, lemongrass, green apple and so, so, so much exotic spice. This is an incredible wine. Unique. I’ve seen such few things like it. But, in saying that, it ticks so many boxes for high quality and compelling wine. Wowsers. A live one..' - 96 points. Mike Bennie, Wine Front

Edenflo Quincy J 2020
$37.95 each or $34.16 in any 6

'Eden Valley gewurztraminer, riesling, viognier, through the quixotic and creative mind of Andrew Wardlaw, a deeply thoughtful winemaker and general all-round good guy. Everything very hands-on in winery, though no additions/manipulation, aside the decisions to skin ferment grapes and bottle unfined-unfiltered.

A very complex, deeply flavoured and intense white wine. Stacked with florals, quince (!), mandarin, marmalade and ginger scents and flavours. Chewy, dense texture, ripples of cool acidity under the gummy flow of all that deeply flavoured fruit. Spice too – sweet and pretty. A lush, bold, charismatic white wine. It’s very good on all counts. Very.' - 94+ points. Mike Bennie, Wine Front

Edenflo Candy Lane 2020
$32.95 each or $29.66 in any 6

'The Edenflo cuvee names have a kind of semblance to the wine, though they kind of underplay their complexity and seriousness too. This one is grenache, pinot noir, gewurztraminer, viognier, at the rate of 50:20:15:5 – intrigue!

Light and fresh, jellied berries and candied citrus, loads of sweet, perky spice, floral things all going on. Feels nice to sip on with its crisp texture and yet fruity, spicy feel. Vibrant, thirst-quenching kind of style of friskier red wine. So much detail in this wine yet it feels chuggable and destined for ice buckets and laundry sink ice wells. The kind of summery red we all need.' - 93 points. Mike Bennie, Wine Front