Comando G: Pushing Boundaries In Spanish Wine

Comando G: Pushing Boundaries In Spanish Wine

29th Nov 2018
- Joe Perry -

This week we are taking a look at a range of Spain’s most innovative and sought after wineries. A joint venture between two passionate winemakers, Fernando Garcia of Bodega Maranones, and Dani Landi of his families own winery Jiminez-Landi.

Comando G is a reference to a popular cartoon series where a group of young children save the world. This was the cartoon of choice for both winemakers growing up.

These men have been essential in putting the region of Gredos on the map. Gredos spans over 3 different appellations, Vinos de Madrid, Vino de la Tierra Castilla y Leon, and Mentrida. Sourcing fruit from some of the oldest and least accessible vineyards in these appellations, these slow ripening, low yielding vines are key for producing wines of great complexity and minerality.

All the vineyards are farmed biodynamically at very high altitudes allowing for a long growing season. Comando G produces some of the purest expressions of Garnacha in the world, they take a Burgundian approach to wine making with very soft extraction, wild yeast fermentation and aging in old oak and amphora.

The drive and passion for pure, quality wines from Gredos is very clear in the wines of Comando G, Dani and Fernando have, since 2008, tried to push the boundaries of quality in their wines and has earnt themselves the reputation as one of the top wineries in Spain and across the world.'

Rumbo al Norte whose name makes reference to the direction Comando G wishes to take, north, is also from 60 year old vines grown on 0.3 hectare again with a limited production of 1000 bottles. It is situated at 1100m altitude in Navarrevisca and classified as Vinos de la Tierra Castilla y León as it falls outside the Madrid DO. A truly brilliant Grenache. Combines elegance. depth and complexity. One of the best wines we have tried in the last few years.

Las Umbrias is a single vineyard wine from primarily granite soils that shows the most delicate and floral character of any of the parcel wines of Comando G. It is remarkably pale in color but looks are deceiving as the aromas and subtle red fruit flavors are deftly balanced by fine tannin and a mineral acidity.

Rozas 1er Cru comes from several plots, totaling 5 ha, of Garnacha located near the town of Rozas de Puerto Real. Similar to its “little” sibling, La Bruja, Rozas 1er Cru is lithe and winsome example of mountain Garnacha but with a deeper minerality and slightly firmer tannin, hence the Burgundian inspired name.