A Look at Australia's Best

A Look at Australia's Best

14th Mar 2019
- Joe Perry -

This week we've stuck close to home after taking a look at some of the most exceptional wine being made in Australia today. 

It's no secret that a plethora of great wine being made all across our backyard, and this is just a mere snapshot of what our great country can accomplish but I've chosen to highlight 3 wines that punch well above their weight in the international market and still remain quintessentially Australian.

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Firstly, Mount Mary Reflexion Chardonnay from the brilliant Sam Middleton at Mount Mary. A winery name of mythical status amongst wine collectors and fans alike. There's no doubt this wine represents just how good the Yarra can get. A portion of the vines for this wine will also be included in the iconic Mount Mary Chardonnay, the winemaking methods remain the same to craft an unrivalled, exceptional wine. 

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The second is the winery for Tasmania's oldest vineyard in the Coal River Valley, Domaine A is one of Tasmania's and Australia's most highly regarded wineries known for their bold, age worthy reds. Using classic Bordeaux varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, petit Verdot) the 2011 petit A from Domaine A was one of the greatest vintages with great age-ability and fruit character. 

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Lastly, one of the most sought after wines in the country. Wendouree Shiraz from vines planted in 1893. Often high up in the conversation for one of the greatest Shiraz in Australia and internationally, With a miniscule production due to the exceptional high quality and effort put into producing a wine of this caliber, there are very few wines in the world that can match this.