Blind Whisky Tasting With SMWS (Fri 28 Aug) [Sydney Whisky Forum]

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A very special bottling, a very special evening and a very special distillery, we’re excited to confirm that in partnership with Sydney’s Archie Rose Distillery we’re able to offer an Oak Barrel Exclusive Single Cask whisky and a physical tasting event to launch it!

A bottling we’ve been working on for a number of years to find the right cask and timing, this single cask rye whisky is an exclusive to The Oak Barrel. Selected by the team of distillers and enjoyed by Oak Barrel staff, it will be the first ever single cask bottled exclusively for Sydney Whisky Forum – a supplementary event of Sydney Whisky Fair, which is not happening in 2020.

To launch it, we’re beyond excited to announce our first physical tasting since lockdown – at the distillery itself. We are incredibly lucky to have such a formidable and gorgeous looking distillery in Sydney so we’ll be holding the tasting in the distillery itself, surrounded by the sights, smells and auras of the venue.

Archie Rose has, since its inception, experimented with all the spirits they create. That experimentation has extended to their whisky creations, particularly what we’ve seen from their rye.

From the Chocolate Rye Malt to heritage grains like Sandigo Rye, they’ve not only pushed the boundaries of distillation and taste but also help tighten the link between whisky and the farming essential in its creation.

That drive was vindicated (again) earlier this year when their core range Rye Malt expression was named World’s Best Rye Whisky at the World Whiskies Awards, topping many established and reputable expressions from the USA, the home of rye whiskey.

Celebrating rye and tasting through their whiskies distilled from this famous grain, the tasting will be hosted by the team from Archie Rose as well as The Oak Barrel’s Scott Fitzsimons. We are implementing a strict capacity of 30 people due to social distancing regulations.

The ticket price of includes both a bottle of the single cask and a ticket to the tasting. The tasting ticket price of $50 will be refunded if the event cannot go ahead for any reason.


A release years in the making, we are beyond excited for you to try Archie Rose cask R125 – the first single cask rye whisky they’ve released. This is their classic Rye Malt Whisky (the one named best Rye In The World) in single cask format, it is weighing in at cask strength 52.4%.

The cask looks set to yield less than 100 bottles available, so this release will initially only be available as part of the launch event ticket purchases.

Tasting Notes By The Oak Barrel:

Luxurious, rich and sultry on the nose, it is initially driven by the rye grain spice – which feels like it wants to go even bigger but is tempered by the prettiness surrounding it. Deep caramels and warm golden syrup make way for more confectionery notes like marshmallow, becoming even softer that it initially was.

The palate is viscous and velvety, the grain spice in perfect balance with the virgin oak influence. It is at once powerful and calming, leading into a finish that is more nutty than spicy now, gentle waves of macadamia and milk chocolate lapping at the receding spice.

Continually evolving on repeat passes, this is a whisky utterly fitting to our first whisky collaboration with Archie Rose. It’s also a whisky whose end product somehow surpassed our highest expectations, lofty as they were.


Sydney Whisky Forum Exclusive Archie Rose Single Cask
Archie Rose Ironbark Smoked Rye Malt (museum release)
Archie Rose Sandigo Heritage Rye Malt (museum release)
Archie Rose Rye Malt
Archie Rose White Rye


This is a physical event with strict capacities and social distancing regulations. There is a limit of 30 people per tasting.

Your ticket includes entry to the tasting, to be held at the Archie Rose Distillery at 85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery. The ticket also includes a bottle of the Oak Barrel exclusive Single Cask rye, which will be available for collection at the event.

To enter the venue you will need to comply with their regulations on the night, including providing details for tracking, using hand sanitiser and anything else they require.

Please note, the seating on the night will be allocated. There will be strictly 30 chairs made available across 6 tables in accordance with current group booking guidelines and social distancing of 1.5m will be applied between each table. If you have any concerns or questions about how the evening will be set up, please feel free to contact us.  Should the tasting event be unable to go ahead due for any reason related to the Covid-19 pandemic or otherwise, the $50 portion of your ticket price that covers the tasting will be refunded and your bottle of whisky will be available for collection from The Oak Barrel. You will be contacted if such a situation arises.

If you have any questions about the event, please get in contact.



Sydney Whisky Forum 2020 is a ten-day celebration of whisky in the Australian market featuring panels, discussions, keynote interviews and virtual tastings. Running from Monday 24 August to Wednesday 2 September, the first annual Forum takes place across the same last week of August that would have seen the 11th annual Sydney Whisky Fair run, had it not been for 2020’s complications.

Featuring distillers, bottlers and industry experts from Australia and around the world, it will not only be a chance to get (virtually) up close and personal and ask questions of the people behind the whisky in your glass, but it will also serve as resource into the future. Following the live events, the videos will be posted to watch for free.

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WHAT: Archie Rose Single Cask Exclusive & Physical Launch Tasting
TYPE: Physical Tasting
 Archie Rose Distillery, 85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebury
WHEN: Wednesday 2 September, 7pm Sydney time
TASTING & BOTTLE PRICE: $199 for Oak Barrel members, $220 for guests. Please note, this product has free shipping because the bottles will be available to pick up at the event. If that is not possible for any reason, they will be able to pick up at The Oak Barrel or we can organise shipping for $10 a bottle.




Sydney Whisky Fair, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2019, and Sydney Whisky Forum are both promoted by The Oak Barrel. An icon of the Sydney fine drinks scene since its establishment in 1956, it has been named the Icons Of Whisky Single Outlet Of The Year and Australian Liquor Industry Awards Bottle Store Of The Year on multiple occasions.

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