Black Gate 620s Single Malt

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The 620s expression from country New South Wales distillery, Black Gate.

The follow on from their famed 520s expression, the 620s is once again a vatting of 20-litre-casks. This time there’s six in the mix.

Distilled March 2016 and bottled May 2018, this has been bottled at pure cask strength – which is a staggering 71.1%. Just 184 bottles in the run.

Tasting Notes By The Oak Barrel:

Nose: Hard to not approach something this strong with a bit of hesitation (the sample bottle also has “not for the faint of heart” written on it), but we needn’t have worried. This nose is exceptional. Rich toffee, Werther’s Originals, crystallised golden syrup, cloves. Spices change with water, a bit of cut grass, nettle, hint of spearmint.

Palate: A bit of a jump at the start, settles into tongue-coating caramels. Sweeter with water, more vanilla.

Finish: Medium length, with golden syrup on pancakes (there’s vanillas, there’s concentrated sugar, butterscotch…) Dash of water extends the length as the alcohol calms down, but brings out those soft, cake batter-vanillas.

Located in Mendooran, not far from Dubbo in New South Wales' Greater West, Black Gate have earned themselves cult status amongst drinkers with their single malt and rum expressions.

Often single cask, Genise and Brian Hollingworth are now working full time at the distillery, which is allowing them to lay down more casks than that's well up on the original three-or-so a year they were managing. While stock levels are still extremely tight, we are beginning to see a slightly more regular releases, which bodes well for the future.

The small town of about 300 people has a unique climate for whisky and wide temperature variations ensure lots of interaction between the whisky and the cask.

That intensity is matched by Black Gate's heavy spirits which is achieved by late spirits cuts. The inspiration comes from the Hollingworth's penchant for big, smoky Scottish whiskies and Black Gate's releases have so far been on the heavier side of the Australian whisky spectrum.

This bottle was come from a provade collection, only one to sell.

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Single Malt
New South Wales
Black Gate