Bentenmusume Junmai Daiginjo

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Benten Musume, a tiny little Kura tucked away in the mountain forests of Wakasa town in Tottori prefecture Japan. This small family outfit is dedicated to making good, traditional, “Shoku-chū shu” (Sake enjoyed with a meal).

Bentenmusume brewery is at Wakasa-cho in Tottori. It is a small town, the last station on the Wakasa railway line with only ten trains a day. The brewery is made up of family members and even their Sake tanks are named the 1st daughter, 2nd daughter ... And each is treated like their own child. The rice they use is all grown locally in Wakasa town and on each Sake bottle, alongside the ingredients, is the name of the farmer who grew the rice.

Benten Musume only uses rice grown in Wakasa town. Wakasa is surrounded by beautiful mountains with thick green forests, and is blessed with crystal clear water and excellent rice fields.

The Benten Musume Junmai Ginjo Tamasakae has taken some of the best Saké rice of Japan combined with a lot of hardwork and love of the Ohta family to create a saké that exudes earthy goodness. 

Please store your Benten musume in a dark place. Or wrap your Benten musume in something like newspaper to prevent any light getting through. Light is the one thing that can damage your Saké. Opening sakés like Benten musume, it is best to open the bottle once then close it and leave it for a week. If you can’t wait that long, then just open it once and shake it around. After you open a bottle of Benten musume it will keep for at least 3 months. In fact it will develop and improve over the first 6 months and then settle. Aging adds another dimension to your enjoyment of Saké, and for those who possess the necessary will power, Benten musume is a great Saké for aging. 

Colour is shade on the straw side of water. Fruity aroma with rice base. Underlying rice/malt with hints of melon and cumin. At 40˚C flavour more rounded-melon and cumin still there but more blended with the rice/malt leaving a burst of astringency on the palate.

Polishing Ratio: 45%

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Tottori Prefecture