Craft Beer

Find the world of craft beer daunting?

Or maybe you're looking to brush up on some knowledge...

Join The Oak Barrel’s Claire this January as we work our way through seven (or so) different styles of beer in a relaxed and informal tasting evening.

Get to know key terms and flavour profiles without having to wade through a whole swathe of industry jargon. We might get a little bit nerdy, but we promise not to go full beer nerd, as the real fun with beer comes – you guessed it – from drinking it.

With a focus on local craft breweries, we’ll have a look at some well-known styles and some not so well-known styles such as:

Pale Ales
Tripels / Dubbels

Plus, a mystery beer to keep you on your toes.

The tasting will be held at in our Cellar Room in our CBD store. Tickets are strictly limited, we want to keep this intimate!