Australian (Virtual) Whisky Distillers Dinner 2020 Tasting Pack

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A tasting pack of five Australian whiskies which made up the virtual DIstillers Dinner as part of Sydney Whisky Forum 2020.

What the tasting pack includes:

1x 30ml Backwoods Single Malt First Release 48%
1x 30ml Sullivans Cove American Oak TD0085 47.5%
1x 30ml Otter Craft Distilling French Oak Cask Sample 66.8%
1x 30ml Chief's Son The Tanist 43%
1x 30ml Timboon 'Shaggers Reserve III' 69.69%

150ml of liquid at an average of 54.99%

Live stream featured:

Leigh & Bree Attwood from Backwoods Distillery (VIC)

Guests at the 2019 Distiller’s Dinner, they’ve just released their inaugural single malt and rye malt whiskies and were set to launch them at Sydney Whisky Fair. Instead, we’ll be trying the finished single malt as one of our new releases.

Fred Siggins from Sullivan’s Cove (TAS)

Arguably Australia’s best-known whisky distillery, we’re delighted to have Fred from Sullivans to take us through a very exciting period of their whisky lifecycle – their second fill barrels coming to maturation.

Eduard Otter from Otter Craft Distilling (NSW)

An emerging whisky from Marrickville in Sydney’s inner west, Eduard has chosen a French oak cask sample to showcase – the same sample he would have been showing had the Distiller’s Dinner been taking place.

Stuart & Naomi McIntosh from Chief’s Son (VIC)

Friends of The Oak Barrel who were set to make their debut at Fair this year the Mornington Peninsula-based distillery will showcase their newest creation – The Tanist. An affordable, premium single malt Australian whisky, it’s brand new this month and making its tasting debut with us.

Josh Walker from Timboon Railway Shed (VIC)

In the past two years one of the worst-kept secrets of Fair is the release of “Shaggers’ Reserve”. Small cask-finished, cask strength monsters from the Victorian distillery which have been available exclusively to those in attendance at Fair. This year Shagger’s Reserve III is exclusive to this tasting as we catch up with the team – and talk about their new cooperage. 

Oak Barrel Tasting Packs

The Oak Barrel has been running a number of virtual tastings throughout 2020, connecting lovers of great drinks from around Australia and the world. While these sell out, we do keep some tasting packs back for presenters or as ‘emergency’ back-ups (in case things go missing or get damaged in transit).

We’re now releasing those extra packs, which contain some truly outstanding and premium drams, for sale and you can re-live the live tasting below. 

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