Aussie Whisky Get Together II Tasting Pack: Black Gate, Remnant, Corowa, Joadja

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A tasting pack for our second Aussie Whisky Get Together tasting, which brings together distillers from around the country. 

The Aussie Whisky Get Together is a series of virtual tasting by The Oak Barrel featuring whisky distillers from all over the country. Whisky samples are packaged up into gift boxes - thanks to the excellent team at Nip Of Courage - and sent around Australia so you can drink along and share a dram amongst the stories. Whiskies featured are often new releases or special and limited editions.

The pack contains: 

30ml Black Gate Apera Vatting 47%
30ml Remnant "The Scoundrel" 44%
30ml Corowa Single Cask #250 62.2%
30ml Joadja Batch 10 62.9%

Total of 120ml at an average of 54.02%.

November 2020 Featured:

Black Gate, New South Wales

Our friends from the mighty NSW Central West, we'll take a look at their most recent release - the August 2020 bottling of their Apera Vatting. Created from three barrels and with 634 bottles in the release, it's the biggest ever (which just goes to show how micro their previous ones have been).

Remnant, Tasmania

From the ashes of a dark period of modern Tasmanian whisky history, a bright spark. A consortium, led by Belgrove's Peter Bignell, have purchased a number of casks that had been in limbo from an investment scheme collapse and vatted them together to create the Remnant Whisky Company's first release "The Scoundrel".

Corowa, New South Wales

It's been a bizarre year for Corowa on the New South Wales-Victoria border, but luckily they've had a few excellent single cask releases to enjoy. The latest is cask #250 - a bourbon/red wine treatment that is the latest in their run of peated releases.

Joadja, New South Wales

One of the few paddock-to-bottle whisky distilleries in the world, we're going to sample the magnificent Batch 10 cask strength - a two cask vatting that sees the distillery step away from their usual sherry cask penchant. At 62.9% it's a true representation of the distillery and their home-grown barley.

Oak Barrel Tasting Packs 

The Oak Barrel has been running a number of virtual tastings throughout 2020, connecting lovers of great drinks from around Australia and the world. While these sell out, we do keep some tasting packs back for presenters or as ‘emergency’ back-ups (in case things go missing or get damaged in transit).

We’re now releasing those extra packs, which contain some truly outstanding and premium drams, for sale and you can re-live the live tasting below. 

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